Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sweet sweaters from Paris area

Merci, Micheline! Ils sont magnifiques! These will soon go to Afghanistan!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Could you get some yarn for us?

We would be grateful for donations of yarn. Any soft, beautiful color yarn for baby cloths would be fine.
There is an excellent yarn, called Barnat Baby Jacquards, which has multiple color combinations.
It says in the label " made in Turkey. Packaged in Canada", but we have seen it for sale in USA. Would be great to get donations!! (see also post of 12 June 2012). One beautiful set here.

New sweaters collection point in Finland

Those of you who are in Finland, you can now easily send the sweaters and hats and other things that you have knitted for the "Hope for the Babies" project to an address in Helsinki, from where they will taken to Afghanistan. These were among the first ones received in Helsinki. Thank you!

Productive summer is over, time for even more productive autumn!

Unfortunately we did not win the prize in the "Grand Challenge", but fortunately the project continues.
The following pictures are examples of sweaters, hats and blankets knitted during the past few weeks by friends in the USA, Switzerland and Finland. Lovely, aren't they all!