Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Incredible grassroot collaboration for the benefit of Afghan babies

This sweater project has inspired people from around the world to knit! We have three groups that meet weekly in Geneva and include women ( and few men) who are working in WHO or other UN organizations, are friends of WHO staff, are former WHO staff or live in the same area (Grand-Saconnex) where WHO is located. Each knitter spends hours first to choose the yarn and the colors, then to knit and finally to stitch the sweater together. And each does it with love and patience, wishing from the bottom of the heart that the babies will have a better start in life thanks to the sweaters ( and hats, sock and blankets).Most os the yarn has been received as donations from private persons in and around Geneva who read a newspaper article about the project.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

more sweaters and the instructions

For the benefit of the new readers, we repeate the instructions (although they can be found in many of the earlier postings).
Instructions for one sweater:
Need about 80 grams of yarn, the needles size 3,5 or 4.
Cast on 70 stitches and  knit 2 two purl and 2 knit stitches  for 22 cm. Then knit 4 cm so that the 22 stitches in the middle continue as before (2/2) but 24 stitches on both sides are knitted only knit stitches ( no purl). Then make the square hole in the middle by terminating the 22 stitches in the centre and continuing both sides separately for 6 cm. Then re-cast on the centre and continue again 4 cm by 2/2 with 22 in the centre and 24 on both sides as knit only. Then make all 2/2 and knit 22 cm more before terminating. It is in the end one long piece (about 58 cm) with the square hole in the centre. Fold it and stitch the sides and leave the openings for the sleeves.