Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One cannot but admire these lovely sweaters

Instructions for one sweater - comment tricoter une tunique

Instructions for one sweater

Need about 100 grams of yarn (two rolls), the needles size 3,5 or 4.
Cast on 70 stitches and  knit 2 two purl and 2 knit stitches  for 22 cm. Then knit 4 cm so that the 22 stitches in the middle continue as before (2/2) but 24 stitches on both sides are knitted only knit stitches ( no purl). Then make the square hole in the middle by terminating the 22 stitches in the centre and continuing both sides separately for 6 cm. Then re-cast on the centre and continue again 4 cm by 2/2 with 22 in the centre and 24 on both sides as knit only. Then make all 2/2 and knit 22 cm more before terminating. It is in the end one long piece (about 58 cm) with the square hole in the centre. Fold it and stitch the sides and leave the openings for the sleeves. 

Instructions pour une tunique: 2 pelotes de laine à 50g, aiguilles 3,5 ou 4.  Montez 70 mailles et tricotez 2m envers, 2m endroit pendant 22 cm, Après, tricotez 24 mailles point mousse. Les 22 mailles au milieu, 2 m endroit, 2 m envers, les dernières 24 mailles de nouveau point mousse.
A hauteur de 4 cm, arrêtez les 22 mailles du milieu et continuez chaque coté séparément pendant 6 cm.  Remontez les 22 mailles du milieu de sorte qu'on obtienne un carré. Continuez pendant 4 cm les 24 mailles point mousse, 22 mailles de 2 m envers et 2 m endroit et les 24 m restantes en point mousse. Après les 4 cm, continuez le tout en 2 mailles envers, 2 m endroit pendant 22 cm. Arrêtez les mailles. Hauteur totale environ 58 cm avec l'ouverture carré au milieu. Pliez en deux et fermez les coutures jusqu'aux manches (jusqu'au point mousse).

One stitch at a time - - -But with patience a sweater appears!

One cannot make miracles without patience.

Using different colors to create joy and hope!

All these sweaters, the pictures of which are posted here, have been created recently by the members of the Grand-Saconnex knitting club.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More than 80 new sweaters by the Grand-Saconnex Club de Tricot!

The president of the Club de Tricot, Mme Baumann and one of the active members, Mme Hubert, delivered today over 80 unbelievably beautiful sweaters to be sent to Afghanistan. Here Dr Bathija receives them on behalf of the WHO HOPE team. We will soon post pictures of each sweater ( or at least some of them!)