Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Instructions and some new sweaters

For those are just joining in now, here are the instructions for a sweater. We have also in previous blogs in French and in German.
Instructions for one sweater:
Need about 80 grams of yarn, the needles size 3,5 or 4.
Cast on 70 stitches and  knit 2 two purl and 2 knit stitches  for 22 cm. Then knit 4 cm so that the 22 stitches in the middle continue as before (2/2) but 24 stitches on both sides are knitted only knit stitches ( no purl). Then make the square hole in the middle by terminating the 22 stitches in the centre and continuing both sides separately for 6 cm. Then re-cast on the centre and continue again 4 cm by 2/2 with 22 in the centre and 24 on both sides as knit only. Then make all 2/2 and knit 22 cm more before terminating. It is in the end one long piece (about 58 cm) with the square hole in the centre. Fold it and stitch the sides and leave the openings for the sleeves. 

Please admire also some new sweaters sent by a Finnish origin knitter from other side of Switzerland.

Sweaters featured at Grand-Saconnex Christmas Market

Last week the Grand-Saconnex knitting club not only included a showcase of baby sweaters in their stand in the Christmas market at Ferme Sarasin but also continued to knit throughtout the exhibition. Unfortunately the pcitures here are not a good quality but demontrate the wonderful commitment to help the babies in Afghanistan: